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Educational plan

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EFI’s preschool educational plans

toddler-667300Children are building their identities from their earliest days. These crucial moments in their development serve as the foundations for future experiences and define their behaviors for the rest of their lives. At EFI, we believe it is important to include our program in a partnership and in complementarity with the children’s families.

In our school (or At EFI), we focus on the global development of the child in its many aspects: neurological, psychomotor, emotional, cognitive and linguistic. To ensure their well-being and support their development to their full potential, we promote a stimulating environment and a variety of conditions, where a child can develop and learn, by participating in our activities, and interact with other children and adults to energize all of their senses. EFI places a particular emphasis on the development of intellectual and artistic skills, relational sensitivity and the richness of emotions.

We believe that school is there to cherish and nurture the natural curiosity of childhood. To this end, it is important to stimulate the child’s interest in learning and we do so through playing and exploring; two crucial means of development in early childhood. Preschool is often a transition from the family to a new social environment. As such, we believe that it is necessary to engage and encourage children to be part of a community. This means to introduce them to new social rules (help each other; wait his/her turn, etc.).

At a young age, preschoolers are learning to structure their environment, which is the first step toward developing their own cognitive structure. During these first years, children tend to throw themselves into all sorts of activities, switching from one to another, most of the time without finishing them. Structuring the child’s environment is also a way to empower them at a young age. Step by step, EFI will provide them with the means to build their self-esteem, learn as a group and develop to the best of their abilities. EFI will simply teach them how to enjoy school.

EFI promotes a small class size as a way to guarantee an ideal learning environment, and ensure the child’s well-being and autonomy. We also will open split classes, starting first with preschool. This is a way to energize the groups, demonstrate better distribution control of students between the various classes, and ensure adequate class sizes.

EFI’s education program is based on a bilingual instruction in both French and English. They are one and the same program, following the objectives set by the French Ministry of Education.Thanks to our partnership with the Canadian International School (CIS), ourprogram will add a number of specific featurestaken from the English-speaking school system, for teaching and learning the language as well asEnglish-speaking culture. Children will therefore learn two different lingual and cultural worlds from both teachers – one for each language.

Following EFI’s philosophy, we are focusing on teaching children how to enjoy learning and to respect and realize their own uniqueness, thanks toan adequate accompanying advice. By growing in a harmonious and conducive environment to their overall development, children are able to set the foundations for their future school success. As such, playing, experiencing, observing and participating in individual and group activities are all important ways to build the students’ knowledge and skills. In the end, EFI aims to provide them with a range of opportunities for personal, and later, professional development.

A detailed educational plan is available for more information. We invite interested parents to contact us.