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Practical information

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Dress code

EFI does not require students to wear a school uniform. They should however be dressed decently and appropriately with clean clothes.

Canteen and snacks

Students can choose between meals provided by the school canteen, their own packed lunch or they may go back home to have lunch. It is recommended to include at least one starch, vegetable and meat/fish (protein) in packed lunches. Meals can be micro-waved at school. We ask parents to please not send any of the following to school with your child: entire packs of biscuits/cookies, chips, chocolate, sweets and chewing-gum. The school provides drinking water and a balanced snack in the morning and afternoon. Parents may have access to more details about these snacks on the board at the entrance of the classroom.


We ask the parents to inform our staff about the health and developmental status of their children. All school personnel received first-aid training. An emergency procedure has been established to cover all types of cases, whatever the scenario. Students and school personnel are subjected to strict hygiene rules.