The board of directors

EFI is a private school registered in Cambodia and managed by a board of directors composed of 5 permanent members and two guests:

  • President : Madam Lim Lina
  • Administrator : Mr. Amaury de Saint Blanquat
  • Members : Dr. Kek Pung, Mr. Antoine Fontaine, Mr. Chhuor Vitthaya
  • Guests : EFI Principal, CIS Principal, EFI Parent Committee representative

The school is run by Amaury de Saint Blanquat.

Fabric Filachet is the Principal of EFI.

The Parent Committee

The role and responsibilities of the parents committee include:

  • Create a link between the parents, the school community and the EFI management
  • Promote the interests of EFI students and give regular feedback to the school’s management
  • Pass on information to parents
Parent Comité EFI
  • Contribute to the good governance of EFI and act as a link between the management bodies
  • Organize events to inform, meet or welcome new families to the school
  • Participate in major school events and propose new ones for the benefit of the school community