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EFI - École Française Internationale (French International School) provides bilingual education in French and English. While it still follows the objectives set by the French Ministry of Education, it is also adapted to the international context. We provide bilingual education in French and English. Applications from Nursery – 2 years old – to Grade 4 – 9 years old – are open.

Why bilingual

EFI is the only program to provide a combined French-English language education in Phnom Penh. Together with two native-speaking teachers, the students will discover two linguistic and cultural worlds. Their pedagogical approach focuses more on practicing a language – speaking, listening - and fully experience its culture, rather than just learn it.

Preschool hours

From Monday to Friday: 7:30am-8:15am arrival. 8:15am/8:30am classes start. Half-day Nursery ends at 11:30am. The class ends at 3:15pm for all the students. Extra-curricular Activities start at 3:20pm and end at 4:20pm, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Choose among more than 25 activities: sports, arts, games... Open to kids from 4 years old. Program and registration: contact@efi.asia.

School Program

Children are developing their identities from their earliest days. These crucial moments are the foundation for all future experiences. They will also define their behaviors for the rest of their lives. This is the reason why we focus on the overall development of the child in its many aspects: neurological, psychomotor, emotional, cognitive and linguistic. At EFI, we believe it is important to establish our program in partnership with the children’s families. More information on EFI’s program

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