EFI had the great honour to welcome, Friday, June 19 His Excellency Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports. The reopening of our campus next August has been discussed.

Following this visit, we are confident that we can start the 2020–2021 school year on August 24 as planned.

You can already register your children at EFI. To this end, you can check the page of this website How to enroll at EFI or contact us by email: contact@efi.asia

EFI – École Française Internationale de Phnom Penh offers French and English bilingual education, from Nursery to Middle School.

EFI – École Française Internationale is a French-English bilingual school based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia since August 2016. We are a private school that follows the programs set out by the French Ministry of Education, in two languages: 60% of the classes are in French and 40% are in English.

Our students are immersed in a teaching environment specially adapted to suit the diversity of their cultures, languages and their academic journey. The structure of this environment makes it possible to combine the needs of the students in terms of language acquisition, while also setting them on the best academic path to achieve their individual prospects.

EFI shares a campus with CIS – Canadian International School (an English-language school approved by the province of Alberta, Canada) – with which we have developed many partnerships. Our students are therefore immersed in an English-speaking campus that is modern and located right in the heart of Phnom Penh on Diamond Island (Koh Pich).

Today, EFI welcomes 155 students spread over 10 classes from Nursery to Grade 6. Four new classes will be opened at the beginning of the next school year, including a Grade 7 Class.

From the age of four, our students also have the opportunity of taking up a third language, either Khmer or Chinese Mandarin.

A word from the Principal

Back to school…

I return to this new school year with pleasure, calmness and confidence as EFI is an excellent school with a bright future ahead of it. The school has grown considerably – more than 30% new students per year – which demonstrates the hard work that’s been done by the staff during the past three years and is a very encouraging sign. EFI has matured, just like its students and staff.

Our school is now an essential part of the French and international education in Phnom Penh. We offer a French curriculum that corresponds to the expectations of not only the French community, but all the international communities who are seeking a French education with dual French and English, the opportunity to learn Mandarin or Khmer, and also with academic approaches specially adapted for the students which readies them for the future and the world today.

A huge step has been made this year with the opening of a grade 6 class.

The academic project has the full attention of the teachers and the senior management. This is most notable in the implementation and the practice of bilingualism and in the undertaking of differentiated learning in two languages, all of which are reinforced not only in the amount of time we spend on it but also in the quality that we apply to it. The continual training of teachers is also a major focus for the management team. Meanwhile, the office and administration team is coming together nicely.

Our close collaboration and partnership with the Canadian school allows us to map out a long-term future, not only in terms of the premises and our equipment (sports, library) and with the extension that will be completed during the school year, but also in terms of varied mutual exchanges, school excursions, cultural events, and educational opportunities for students and their families.

EFI is a place of academic innovation and creativity that is not afraid to stray from the beaten path.

I would like to wish all the students and their families, the teachers and all the staff at the school a wonderful year.

Our Team

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