Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year at EFI are open. We invite you to complete your application form online through the EDUKA platform. To this end, simply follow the link below.

Enrollment 2021-2022

Languages in Kindergarten from 2021-2022

From the start of the 2021-2022 school year, Kindergarten is changing at EFI. As French is essential in our school’s curriculum, we are strengthening the learning of this language for our youngest students. Thus, from Nursery to SK, lessons will now be 70% in French and 30% in English. From Grade 1, the distribution remains the same as currently: 60% of the classes in French and 40% of the classes in English.

Temporary Campuses Closure – Beginning  of Distance Learning

As mandated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, all schools in Phnom Penh have closed down since Tuesday, February 23. Distance learning started on Wednesday, February 24.

We remain at your disposal to answer any of your questions: contact@efi.asia.
Enseignement à distance - distance learning

EFI – École Française Internationale de Phnom Penh offers French and English bilingual education, from Nursery to Middle School.

EFI – École Française Internationale is a French-English bilingual school based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia since August 2016. We are a private school that follows the programs set out by the French Ministry of Education, in two languages: 60% of the classes are in French and 40% are in English.

Our students are immersed in a teaching environment specially adapted to suit the diversity of their cultures, languages and their academic journey. The structure of this environment makes it possible to combine the needs of the students in terms of language acquisition, while also setting them on the best academic path to achieve their individual prospects.

EFI shares a campus with CIS – Canadian International School (an English-language school approved by the province of Alberta, Canada) – with which we have developed many partnerships. Our students are therefore immersed in an English-speaking campus that is modern and located right in the heart of Phnom Penh on Diamond Island (Koh Pich).

Today, EFI welcomes almost 170 students spread over 14 classes from Nursery to Grade 8.

From the age of four, our students also have the opportunity of taking up a third language, either Khmer or Chinese Mandarin.

The New EFI Leadership Team from August 2021



Fabrice Filachet holds a Master degree in science and microbiology and is a French-government certified science teacher. He started his career in 2002 as a secondary school Science and Biology teacher in Paris before taking broader responsibilities as a teachers’ trainer, students’ counselor and pedagogical coordinator. In 2008, Fabrice was appointed Principal in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul secondary school (a private institution in Paris), supervising 20 classes, 550+ students and 50+ teachers. From 2014, Fabrice moved to an international career as an Education advisor, project manager and country Director for various International organizations in the Middle-east and Asia, where he had the opportunity to work in Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Lebanon. Along his career, Fabrice wrote several textbooks and designed innovative teaching methods, students and teachers evaluation tools and teaching programs for French and Asian students.   

Fabrice is an experienced and enthusiastic educator and manager. He will bring to EFI his knowledge of the secondary-school French curriculum, his experience of designing innovative programs in an international context and his commitment to enable each child to unleash their full potential in a stimulating and positive environment.

Jean-François HÉBRARD

Vice-Principal for Primary School

Jean-François Hébrard started his career in 1994 as a French accredited primary school teacher. He thought mainly in grades 1 to 5 in France, and from 2002 at the French-Australian School in Canberra, Australia, where he started to develop a unique expertise in teaching and developing primary schools’ bilingual curriculum. Since then, Jean-François held various positions as a teacher, a coordinator and a Principal in Australia, England, Libya, Morocco and Lithuania. Jean-François has also developed an expertise as a Kindergarten teacher and director, a teachers’ trainer, an advisor to the AEFE (the French accreditation body for French schools abroad) for bilingual curriculum and as a specialized teacher for children with special needs.

Jean-François will bring to EFI his experience in developing bilingual French-English teaching, including in the context of blended curriculum, and as a primary school’ teacher coach and trainer.

Our Team

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