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Educational Team

French Teacher for GS (SeniorK)

Hello, my name is Mélanie and I am the French teacher of Grande Section (SeniorK). I started my career as a teacher in Paris district – where I come from. Passionate about traveling and discovering other cultures, I moved to French Guiana, a small paradise on the edge of the Amazon. For six years, I taught non francophone children, a very rewarding professional experience. There followed a return to the academy of Dijon in France where I specialized in cognitive disorders by working four years in medical-educational institute. I like learning challenges and joining the EFI team was a new one. As a follower of active pedagogy, I would like to share and use my knowledge and experience in order to advance my students in the Grande Section, make them autonomous, free to think and express themselves in a benevolent work environment, tailored to everyone's needs.

French Teacher for CE1, CE2, CM1 (G2, G3, G4)

Dear Parents and Colleagues, my name is Chloé, I am 34 and I joined with a big pleasure the team of EFI in august 2017 to be the Room Teacher for CE1 (Grade 2), CE2 (Grade 3) and CM1 (Grade 4). After 16 years in Nantes, France, I wanted to teach abroad. I graduated the exam of teacher in 2009 and I taught for one school year with TPS-PS (Nursery-PreK) and one school year with CE2-CM1 (Grade 3-Grade 4), double-grade classes. I then worked for 6 years in an ordinary high school with mentally disabled teenagers. I also worked abroad: one school year in the USA with CP (Grade 1) and one month in Ghana in french schools. For all the years I taught, the most important for me was that the children want to come to school and that they can be part of the learning : it’s through experience, through research and by making mistake that you can learn! EFI's bilingual project and the opportunity to have a triple grade class – a challenge that motives me! – made me feel confortable about living this teaching experience abroad.

French Teacher for TPS (Nursery)

Dear parents, my name is Sophie, I am the teacher of TPS (Nursery, Toddlers aged of 2 years) at EFI preschool at Bassac Garden campus. I'm 28 years old and I started the fifth year of our family life in Cambodia by joining the beautiful EFI initiative! After studying social and family economics and experienced in early childhood in Bordeaux, France, we came to live in Phnom Penh. Here, I worked one year for the NGO Action Cambodge Handicap, then two years as a teacher of Petite Section class (PreK) at Tchoutchou daycare. At EFI, with English-speaking teachers Julia and Charlotte, our school assistants Khim and Sokin and I, your young children start or continue their discovery of living together, the pleasures of enlightenment through games, nursery rhymes and songs, the joy of access to autonomy, the exploration of their environment, of their small world which can be so big and enlightening, and many other wonders... All these fabulous experiences in several languages, with their classmates, their family and all the educational team. For me, one of the greatest pleasures that this job offers with the toddlers is to allow them to develop their imagination and to see them marvel and blossom in front of their creations. I share with my students my passion for manual creative activities. It is, among other things, through this type of activities that our children build their own identity while developing their motor skills. I am happy to have embarked on this trip with them among EFI school community, on the way to grow and flourish!

French Teacher for TPS and PS (Nursery and PreK)

Hello, my name is Marie-Alice, I am 25 years old and I come from Toulon in South of France. I graduated from a Master of Education and Training (MEEF) specialized in Physical Education and Sports (EPS). I was a substitute teacher of Physical Education for two years in France, and an animator of young children in a leisure centre - Accueil de Loisir Sans Hébergement (ALSH) since 2011 during all the school holidays. I arrived in Cambodia in September 2017, to teach the children of the new class of Toute Petite Section (TPS - Nursery) and Petite Section (PS - PreK). In my class, the children are 2 and 3 years old. I joined the EFI team and its innovative educational proposition very motivated and thrilled by the project. I also share EFI's choice of a bilingual education and teaching small classes in a benevolent approach. Indeed, these are ideal conditions to start a teaching career, but most importantly to accompany children towards the different motor skills and not motor skills, corresponding to the programs of the French National Education. The French language, motor skills and autonomy will be at the heart of my daily workshops so that everyone can develop with confidence in their learning.

English Teacher for TPS, PS, MS, GS (Nursery to SeniorK)

Hi everyone! My name is Charlotte and I'm the English teacher for all the kindergarten classes: TPS (Nursery), PS (PreK), MS (JuniorK), GS (SeniorK). I'm originally from Namur in Belgium but your children ignore that since I only speak to them in English in order to help them acquire the lanquage. I have a masters degree in the pedagogy of German languages (English and German) and a certificate to teach French as a foreign language. After teaching for a few years in Belgium and Germany, I arrived in Cambodia in 2014. I worked for two years with the NGO Toutes à l’École at Happy Chandara school, where I taught English and French to Cambodian teenagers. Afterwards I worked a bit for the French Institute of Phnom Penh before joining the EFI team. In the classroom, with the toddlers and children, we sing, read stories and do some playful activities that focus on the english language. I’m currently discovering the joy of teaching in kindergarten where I’m constantly impressed by the rapidity at which the young children can learn. I’ve always been interested in immersion programmes and am now thrilled to participate to the bilingual and unique project of EFI.

French Teacher for PS (PreK)

Hello everybody, my name is Fanny, I'm 28 years old and I come from Lille in France. I am pleased to have joined the EFI teaching team in January 2017 to be the French teacher of TPS (Nursery) and PS (PreK) at preschool campus in Bassac Garden. This year, I'm the french teacher for PS (PreK, 3 years old). Since 2014, I was a teacher in French in a class of Kindergarten at The Giving Tree. I worked for two years in the IPC course (International Primary Curriculum). The bilingual project of EFI and the choice of an alternative pedagogy that correspond to the context in which the children grow up in Phnom Penh, while following the French program, that's what I liked. In my class, I have at heart to offer children activities that give them the more autonomy as possible and a lot of fun as well to grow and develop with confidence.

French Teacher for CP (G1)


Assistant Principal

Extra-Curricular Activities and Fun Club Manager

Administrative Assistant

School Nurse

Hi, my name is Lowell Saguil and I am the school nurse at EFI and CIS. I grew up in Canada, in the city of Toronto, Ontario and it is also the city where I attended Ryerson University to complete my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After graduation, I worked at St. Joseph's Healthcare Centre as a Registered Nurse taking care of a wide population of people for three and a half years. In my off time I love to play all sports, but especially basketball. I am proud to be a member of CIS/EFI school community.