Our exams

Our exams

Cycle 1 & TPS (Nursery)

In Kindergarten (cycle 1) and TPS (Nursery), the academic team has chosen to use the teaching resource “Je Valide”, which is perfectly adapted to students who can take an active role in their own assessment.

Through this report card, the academic team has introduced relevant English skills from the French national school book and in relation to the skills of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Cycles 2 & 3

Students in cycles 2 and 3 are assessed in all areas in both French and English throughout the year. They are tested through continuous monitoring which is established by the teachers – most often at the end of a sequence of learning – or by carrying out a project – sometimes at the end of a period.

Students’ progress and achievements are measured periodically on the basis of the Livret Scolaire Unique (LSU). LSU is a simple and universally readable French national application that allows for the synthetic report of student evaluations. It ensures continuity and monitoring of the achievements of students from kindergarten to 3ème (grade 9). Families of EFI students have access to LSU 3 times per year.


In English, students in Cycle 3 are offered to sit the official tests of the Cambridge Education Programme for Schools (KET and PET), leading to certificates that fall within the framework of the CEFR (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


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National assessments

The French national assessments take place two weeks after the school year begins in CP/G1, CE1/G2 and 6e/G6. They cover French and mathematics.

Mid-term assessments in CP/G1 take place from January 20 to January 31. They also cover French and mathematics.