Fees and calendar

Fees and calendar

School fees are fixed annually by the school’s board of directors. They are made up of the following:

First Enrollment Fee

These fees apply to families registering their child for the first time at EFI. They will cover the administrative cost involved in creating a student record for the child, as well as all the fees relating to their initial necessities, eg. class uniform, sports uniform, school cap, schoolbag.

Capital Fee

These costs are intended to finance and maintain the infrastructure of the establishment. They are donated to our partner school CIS – Canadian International School – which hosts EFI on its campuses.

Tuition Fee

These fees cover the direct costs of implementing the EFI school curriculum, including all the equipment necessary for students throughout their school career: books and textbooks, supplies, licenses for educational software, interactive digital boards, tablets and computers used in class, etc.

▶︎ The tuition fees therefore include all textbooks, supplies and necessary equipment for the student.◀︎

❗️The school fees do not include:

  • Meals and snacks bought by students in the school (with the exception of morning snacks in kindergarten, provided by the school),
  • Extracurricular activities,
  • School trips,
  • The renewal of students’ school uniforms and school bags,
  • Any personal items the student wishes to bring themselves, for example a pencil case.

Download the school fees


Download the financial regulations

School calendar

EFI’s academic calendar is set annually by the Board of Directors, taking into account the school’s environment:

• EFI’s calendar is structured to fit as much as possible around the schedule of CIS to accommodate for the shared usage of the campus

• We take into account Cambodian holidays

• We take into account the specific needs of expatriate families in organizing their children’s trips

School calendar

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